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How to join Raintree Club?

  1. Fill the Membership Application Form
  2. Find 2 Principal Members of Raintree Club to be Proposer and Seconder
  3. Photostat marriage certificate (if married)
  4. Photostat Identification Card of family members and Birth Certificate for Children below 12 years old
  5. Photostat Identification Card and Passport (for expatriate)
  6. Photographs of family members (color driving license photograph) – 4 pcs each
  7. Business Card – 2 pcs
  8. Form 49 (for Company)
  9. Full payment to be made by Cash/Cheque/Credit Card (VISA and MASTER only)
  10. Photographs will be placed on the Notice Board for at least 3 weeks before the Membership Committee conduct a Membership Interview for the new applicants
  11. After the interview, Membership Committee will recommend the new applicants to the General Committee to get approval
  12. Upon approval by the General Committee, the new applicants will receive a Temporary Membership Card for 3 months to use the facilities in the Club
  13. It is compulsory for the new Members to attend Members’ Introduction Night and Permanent Membership Card will be given to the new Members on that night.