Times Have Changed

What We Do

Websites help ground your presence online (just like this one you’re looking at right now), and that is exactly what techactions can do for you. We provide some amazing services to help further make your website stand out.

Web Design & Development

If eyes are the window to your soul, then websites are the faces of your brand.

We build and design your website to exactly what you need.

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eCommerce Solutions

With more businesses going online, we ensure your website is well-equipped with features that will give you a headstart.

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Mobile App Development

Mobile apps are just as equally important.

We can create a complementing application to further boost your presence online.

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Digital Marketing

Websites are not only about graphics and design, but also functionality.

We curate quality websites with the technologies and tools that can assist your marketing team.

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The absence of training for your team with these new age tools will take you nowhere.

This is why, we impart these new knowledge and skills systematically to your team to adapt the new change.

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Web Maintenance

Life has ups and downs, and so do websites.

We keep your website running after launch as we continuously monitor and tune its performance.

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Industrial 4.0 Transformation Related

Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things (IoT), Cloud Computing are just some of the new technology to come and we are already building it to bridge you to your next transformation.

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Check Out Our Cool Projects

It’s One of a kind!

That’s how we set the end result for each project. And that’s what we get when we effectively merge strategic thinking, aesthetics, audience-centric content and technology to distinguish our clients from their competitors.


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Fruits Grocer Company

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Who We Are

In the new era of unlimited possibilities of changes, we have to adapt the changes to excel

techactions is an IT company established in 1999 which provides creative IT solutions, consultancies, marketing, sales & distribution services.

Not too long, techactions undergo another transformation journey for an all-new identity while exploring revolutionary technologies to embark on and now making a comeback as a brand new start-up company.


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Our Awesome Team

They create the best
designs and functions  combined together

The basis of techactions is in its people. Our collective experiences gave us the upper hand to direct our clients to the best possible approach for innovative solution in many industries including: hospitality, property, retail, F&B, technology and general services – the list is extensive and growing.

Our Experience

Years in to the action and followed by a major rebranding exercise and transformation, techactions has grown from strength to strength and managed to gather a diverse and the most promising team of brand strategists, designers, system developers, online marketers and product distribution specialists.

Our Obsession

Diverse in skills but identical in aspiration, we are obsessed to deliver an exceptional end-to-end business solution through our work. We are serious in taking any size – be it a company still in its infancy, or an established one that requires a fresh twist – to the next level.

Are you passionate & enthuasistJoin us. Be an awesome techactions team member!

Our Ideology

A company starts with an idea

An imaginative spark that transcends into a true and persisting passion, and a dream that what can be offered today, will make a change for a better tomorrow.

In the era we live in today, constant changes in the market condition make it inevitable for you to put your company ahead of its peers. Be the setup is still in its infancy, or already begin to run, techactions can lift it up further for you at a record-breaking speed.

We have what it takes.


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